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What is "King of Exile" ?
King of Exile is the project title for our new custom Arma 3 Server. It started with combining a “King of the Hill”-like gameplay with the survival mod “Exile” -> King of Exile. It uses the strength of vanilla Arma 3 together with several mods to enhance features and content.
What do I need to play ?
First of all you’ll need the base game “Arma 3”. On the server you will need to have some additional mods installed as well. If you use Arma 3 Original Launcher to join the game it will help you to download and set all needed mods.

For teamplay it’s recommend to have a proper headset, as well the TeamSpeak Client installed on your system.

How do you play ? What are the rules ?
It’s 2-team-based gameplay set inside a specific area of a big map, including 2 main bases and 2 – 6 flag points which each team can obtain in order to get points. The more flags your team holds, the faster it gets points. Leading team wins after the the round ends, which is usually after 2 hours.
What are the basic features of the gameplay ?
When you join a round you first can choose between 2 teams, blue or red. Then you choose one out of 5 classes: Medic, Builder, Sniper, Pilot, Driver. Each class comes with a different loadout and special items. After you spawn you will be teleported into the main base of your team.

Now you will be ablte to travel across the map and obtain flags, in order to get points for your team.

What do I find in the main base ?
In the main base of your team you’ll find a starter set of vehicles (land & air) plus crate (containers). Everyone can take and bring them to the frontline. They will reset after each round. Each team also has one so called spawn truck. Drive it somewhere to the frontline you will be able to teleport from the mainbase to the spawn truck.

Beside the vehicles you will have a set of traders for more advanced loadout as well. But be aware, your characters loadout resets after each round also if you die.

How do the traders work ?
In order to buy something from the traders in the main base you’ll need ingame money, “poptabs”. You can earn ingame mone by eliminating enemy players.
How does my team get points ?
If you open up your map ingame you will see several letter-coded POI scattered across a specific area on the map. Each of these points hosts a simple flag. If you go to one flag (you have to be in a certain radius around the flag pole) you can obtain it. It will turn red or blue depending on which team you are in.

For each flag a team holds, the team will get points in a certain frequency. The more flags you have, the more points you get. While you obtain a flag your character will also receive respect points.

What about the classes ?
When joining the game you can choose between 3 main and 2 side classes. Each of them comes with a different set of weapons, gear and items.

If you look into the inventory of your class you’ll find a special item ( each class has its own special item ) like a screwdriver for example. Double click on it and you get a list of recipes of which other objects you can craft with it. It uses the crafting system from “Exile Mod”.

The main resource to craft anything is wood. You can get wood by chopping down trees with your axe. Every class has a axe in the loadout.

Any strategy to play a round ?
There is no “right” strategy to play a round of “King of Exile”. If you want to start alone just to try classes or to hunt noobs across the map, do it !

If you want to play more like it was meant to be then it’s probably a good idea to team up with others. Try to use different classes across your squad. Time is very limited and 2 hours are over faster than you think. It’s very crucial for the team to invest some time to build or setup some outposts where teammembers can fallback and gather. If you want to hold a flag as long as possible try to stay there and defend it.

In the game you will be affected by hunger and thirst as well. The sniper class for example is good for providing food for the team. On the otherside the builder class is good for setting up outposts and the medic class can heal you.